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Zegna: Redefining Luxury & Comfort for the Modern Man

From Milan to Shanghai and around the globe, Zegna is the epitome of style, quality, and ethos. From 1910 until today, Zegna House has redefined clothing for the modern man. As Italian actor Lucas Bravo says, "Zegna's founding values are in every stitch”. From luxury leisurewear to tailoring and activewear, it consistently brings new style codes to suit its customers’ lifestyles.

Zegna Shoes - Luxury Leisurewear

Zegna shoes come in various quality materials like grained leather, canvas, and soft suede. This year’s shoe collection includes pieces that fit perfectly anytime, anywhere, anyplace, aiming to offer ultimate comfort and style to the modern man. Zegna’s tradition of luxury shoemaking is constantly evolving with innovative materials, cuts, colors, and details.

Zegna Sneakers - Comfort And Style

The famous Zegna sneakers add a special touch to your entire style. Last year, the house launched its impeccable line of Triple Stitch™ sneakers that have conquered the hearts of the most discerning fashion enthusiasts. This innovative shoe design combines an easy slip-on style and a flexible rubber sole. Plus, an elasticated fastening in a ‘trio of crosses’ - a homage to the handmade stitches of Ermenegildo Zegna’s tailoring tradition. Zegna’s sneakers are made for comfort and durability using lightweight and ethically sourced materials. They come in a unique array of colors inspired by the nature of the Italian Alps, the home of Oasi Zegna. From midnight blue to dark beige and sage green, Zegna shoes are genuinely made for ‘every moment.’ A foliage-colored leather lining completes the look. The Triple Stitch™ sneakers were crafted to commemorate the 112 years of Zegna’s ingenuity. They combine a modern silhouette with sportswear details and a long tradition of craftsmanship. Match your Triple Stich sneakers with Zegna hoodies and T-shirts or an elegant Zegna suit.

The New SECONDSKIN Shoes By Zegna

Zegna has recently launched its SECONDSKIN shoe collection. This unique material created in the Zegna laboratory promises ultimate comfort and style. The house pioneered the idea of using glove leather in shoemaking. This new material is like a true ‘second skin’ that “moulds to your unique proportions with every journey you make,” as the brand proudly declares. SECONDSKIN is made of carefully selected New Zealand calf leather fabricated in exclusive tanneries in Parma. This fine material stands out for its suppleness and exceptional smooth touch. Not only that - creating a pair of SECONDSKIN shoes involves 13 Zegna artisans and 68 distinct components! These Zegna shoes are a luxury accessory to wear “wherever your road takes you next.”

Zegna Jumpers - Exquisite Cashmere Wear

The most exquisite Cashmere was the centerpiece of Zegna’s Fall 2024 fashion show. The house showcased its special cashmere, certified as 100% traceable, a significant step towards sustainable clothing. Zegna jumpers and the entire cashmere collection are made in Oasi Zegna. The material is cuddly and soft - a pleasure to see and touch. Zegna cashmere shirts are exceptionally warm yet lightweight. They combine comfort with style and inspire freedom and effortlessness in contemporary menswear. Their subtle, natural colors also create great looks for every man. Wear your cashmere jumpers with a Zegna suit or with a Zegna jacket

Zegna Shirts - Timeless Style

Since the beginning of the house’s history, Ermenegildo Zegna -and now his grandchildren- have used top-quality, carefully sourced materials. Zegna shirts, are made of fine linen, silk, or cotton, and they are skillfully tailored to fit different bodies with grace. Every shirt is carefully designed to complement a man’s wardrobe throughout the seasons. For spring and summer 2024, the house proposes buttoned, long-sleeved shirts made of the finest linen. They are lightweight and breathable, with a strong sense of fluidity. For a more casual look, choose Zegna T-shirts. They are made of refined cotton and branded with the house logo on the chest.

Oasi Zegna - Ermenegildo Zegna’s Dream of Sustainable Fashion

It all started with a single tree. In 1910, the house’s founder Ermenegildo Zegna, began planting the fields around his wool mill in the Alps of Northern Italy. As years passed, more than 500,000 trees were planted in this 100km² natural area of Piedmont. And that’s what ignited the brand’s legacy of environmental conservation. Today, Oasi Zegna is a thriving ecosystem, home of Zegna Men’s Fashion, and an open natural park for the community. The love and respect for nature are at the core of Zegna clothes and the house is continuously adopting new, more sustainable processes. Zegna is committed to 100% traceable flax fibers. It also experiments with natural techniques - like cashmere dyes from natural plants. Zegna is also a pioneer in responsible fashion without compromising quality. Among other initiatives, they are partnering with the last two remaining spinning mills in Europe today. As Anna Zegna, the founder’s granddaughter, proudly confirms, “the Zegna House “controls what it does from the sheep to the shop.”

Zegna Men’s Fashion: Crafted For Tomorrow

Zegna envisioned men’s fashion as a complete system of dressing. Their versatile pieces can be transformed into an array of outfits that inspire luxury and comfort. See our full Zegna collection and check out our Zegna accessories and Zegna Chino trousers.