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Redefining Elegance: How Givenchy Influences Today's Fashion Scene

Innovative and elegant, Givenchy garments never cease to captivate. 
Givenchy has always been a pivotal influence on the international fashion scene, starting from the early ‘50s. Today, the brand continues to enchant with its exquisite haute couture and ready-to-wear collections.

Givenchy clothing, modern and playful yet exuding an aristocratic allure, remains a top choice for today's fashion and for seasons to come.
Adored by fashion icons such as Jackie O', Elizabeth Taylor, and Grace Kelly, Givenchy has always been synonymous with style - and nowadays, Givenchy empowers its heritage in craftsmanship with a sustainable approach.
The brand is actively working to make its production line more environmentally friendly. It also reinvents its contribution to society via various community programs.
As it turns out, by harmoniously blending modern elegance and ethics, Givenchy continues to resonate with fashion worldwide.

Givenchy 2024 Fashion

For 2024, Givenchy proposes fluidity and ease. The brand explores new formality, where masculine volumes meet energetic miniskirts and transparencies. From asymmetric tops to the ever-classic black dress, the brand still follows Humbert Givenchy’s attitude: “...a dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress.”
In men, Givenchy mixes unexpected colors and patterns with timeless lines, enhancing personality and a new sense of formality.
From smart tuxedos to luxe casuals, Givenchy Men proposes button shirts and voluminous trousers.

Givenchy Shirts: Discreet Sophistication

Men’s buttoned shirts are cuffed or sleeveless - a sleek match with tuxedo-style pants and loafers. Stylish zipped shirts add an extra casual touch to elaborate looks. Silk buttoned shirts with elaborate patterns come with pearl buttons and elegant movement, mixing Parisian heritage and Californian cool. Givenchy knit sweaters and turtlenecks in off-white and earthy shades accentuate a relaxed sophistication, matched in ensembles with great skill - coveted by fashion enthusiasts. This year, Givenchy also brings back the white workwear blouse in men’s wardrobe. For women, Givenchy shirts for 2024 are effortlessly sensual, inspiring powerful elegance in a playful way, with drapes, transparencies, and a fresh mix of materials. Long-sleeved shirts come with deep S-necklines, made for easy mix and match - faithful to the brand's innovative fashion approach from the ‘50s. The ever-trending Givenchy T-shirts, with logo print on refined cotton, come in essential white and black and promise superb fit. Similarly, Givenchy hoodies are comfortably oversized. They come in long and cropped motifs for an everyday fashion statement.

Givenchy Bags: Gender-Neutral Accessories

In 2024, Givenchy bags go out of the ordinary. Voyou bags dominate as the most cherished accessory for men and women. Women’s Voyou shoulder bags come with oversized buckles and new iterations of the House icons. Colorful clutches cordially match blazers and shirts in matching colors or quiet contrasts. Givenchy does away with the loud color antithesis trending in the last seasons. They now show noiseless styles with unexpected highlights. The main men’s accessory is also the Voyou bag in shoulder and crossbody versions. Mini backpacks and handbags complement this season’s looks. Men's bags help animate edginess and subversion in many gender neutral combinations. Add a Givenchy wallet to your designer bag to complement your accessories. All wallets are made of fine leather with subtle design touches and a wonderful feel.

Givenchy Jackets: A NewLook Into Classic Suiting

The allure of Givenchy Gentleman is revived in 2024. Formality is now easy to wear. Take for example the evening jackets which are effortlessly matched with punk-styled trousers.  Reversibles, like Givenchy bomber jacket, offer one more prompt to cherish your RTWs for many looks and seasons. Men’s suits come with radiant, haute-couture jackets with slit sleeves. At the same time, more classic designs accentuate masculinity with innovative cuts. Bright, embroidered jackets bring back a crisp, male silhouette reminiscent of Parisian playboys. On the catwalk, they are paired with sapphire blue pants - instead of black. Givenchy women’s jackets have graceful lines with unstructured silhouettes. Women’s suits unveil Parisian elegance in delicate Chantilly lace and luxury touches such as the jewel-like 4G buttons. Oversized suit jackets match perfectly knee-high and ankle height skirts. Experiment with contrasts from the same color palette.

Givenchy Dresses: TimelessElegance

For Givenchy, women’s dresses are seen as pieces of art. This year, transparent slip dresses come in varied designs in Givenchy’s haute couture. They gently flow over the curves with embroidered adornments. And it’s the chiffon dresses that elevate the collection’s drapings. Evening wear also includes more classic pieces. They range from silk and slim off shoulder dresses to bold flared pieces with sensual slits. This season’s sculptural lines define rosette cocktail dresses and satin gowns. The must-have Givenchy black dress is always there, season after season. Every design is slightly different, yet always classy. The Little Black Dress comes with a double-draped back, while silk adds a sense of mystery. This year, match your black dress with bold-colored heels and matching stockings.

Givenchy Shoes: EverydayLuxury

Men’s shoe collection presents leather work boots and chunky-soled leather derby shoes. Their seasonal colors make them a good match for any style throughout the day. Givenchy Sneakers bring branded luxury and comfort in leather. And they bear beautiful black and white combinations. Women’s footwear launches the Cowboy Shark Lock boot in a corset version. Also, slingback wedges that match dresses and suits alike.

Givenchy Ageless FashionPhilosophy

Givenchy's fashion has always been faithful to its core concepts: simplicity and elegance. It so offers ensembles of unconnected yet interchangeable elements. This year, Givenchy fashion blends its founder's personal style with fashion-forward interpretations. It reflects on a “collective comprehension of elegance as shaped by the genetics of its own heritage and a present-day desire for simplicity.” Some see Givenchy fashion as pieces of music that always depict the creator’s signature. From its foundation until today, the brand has been launching more than just clothes. It literally redefines elegance with every collection. Ready to indulge yourself in timeless elegance? Browse Givenchy clothes and accessories.