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Iconic Women Who Redefined Fashion

Since the first female fashion designer, Jeanne Paquin of the late 1800s, many other women in fashion have been launching innovative, free-spirited designs. Some of them have literally redefined the way women dress and empowered their role in social change. Celebrating International Women’s Day 2024, we present 4 women designers coming from different countries and backgrounds.

All of them have made significant contributions to the fashion industry and to the lives of women around the world. This year, IWD’s campaign theme is to inspire inclusion with an emphasis on the importance of diversity and empowerment in all aspects of society. The creations of these iconic women do exactly that. After all, “fashion is a reflection of our society. A visual representation of our values, beliefs, and attitudes.”

Miuccia Prada: Fashion For Social Change

Miuccia Prada, the heart and soul of Prada clothes and Miu Miu fashion, took over the family business - mainly dealing with leather goods in the late 1970s Since then, she has become one of the most influential women designers, continuously proposing innovative pieces for powerful women. In 1984, she created the Prada Nylon Bag, a black, strong, water-resistant backpack that contrasted with the glittery accessories of the ‘80s. This Prada bag was met with huge success and is still a favorite to this day. Miuccia Prada continued her contribution to women’s fashion. Her groundbreaking designs pushed the boundaries of standard fashion norms, and her lines masterfully fused the conventional with the extraordinary.

Skillfully harmonizing opposites, Miuccia Prada depicts a woman’s multifarious personality. She also finds inspiration in art and incorporates it in her creations. So, her ensembles often tell a story that resonates with emotions. Her work goes beyond fashion. In fact, Miuccia Prada fearlessly represents the woman activist. She is an advocate of women’s rights and her brand is becoming a voice as she constantly questions and reshapes the vision of women in today’s society. As she states, “there are sociological interests that matter to me, things that are theoretical, political, intellectual and also concerned with vanity and beauty that we all think about but that I try to mix up and translate into fashion.”

Ditte Reffstrup: The Creative Woman Behind Ganni

For Danish designer Ditte Reffstrup, fashion has always been a way to express herself. So in 2009, she took over Ganni, a small cashmere sweater label, and made it a worldwide known brand. She started designing playful, ultra-feminine clothes that made women feel confident while bringing out their true personalities. Today, she is considered the woman who re-invented the Scandi style. Ditte Reffstrup doesn’t follow trends. Instead, she follows her gut. She wants women to be drawn to her clothes intuitively because, for Dieter, it’s the attitude that makes the style.

Today, Ganni is one of the most relevant names in the global fashion industry and a top Danish brand. But Ditte Reffstrup does more than design. She is also an advocate of sustainable fashion. So the Ganni team continuously experiments with biomaterials and recycled materials, like faux fur made with Biofluff, recycled cotton, and leather alternatives. Among other initiatives, Ganni supports emerging Nordic designers, and it is bold enough to skip Copenhagen’s Fashion Week in order to concentrate more on its eco-friendly projects. Known for her ethos in the industry, Ditte Reffstrup believes that style comes from the inside. “Fashion should be about being comfortable in your own skin and dressing in what makes you feel the best.”

Giorgia Tordini And Gilda Ambrosio: Glam Founders Of The Attico

When the 2 Italian fashion designers, Giorgia Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio, first met, it was an inspiration at first sight. They immediately became best friends and decided to work together. So, in 2016 they created The Attico. Just 8 years later, the brand is trending among stars like Dua Lipa and Rihanna and it’s a favorite among discerning fashion enthusiasts around the world. The Attico embraces contrasts and diversity. Giordia Tordini loves minimal, classic lines while Gilda Ambrosio prefers more intense, statement pieces. In their designs, they blend vintage, pop, and high fashion in an effort to encourage women to express their individuality and freedom in whatever way they feel like.

Blurring the lines between haute couture and ready-to-wear, the Attico clothes are more than chic pieces. Blending fun, fantasy, and glamour they are actually designed to encourage self-confidence in every woman. Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini also organize initiatives that take high fashion out to the community. Recently, they photographed members of their community, women and men being themselves in loose and relaxed clothes that depicted their personality in the here and now - showing that there’s something for everyone without limits. As The Attico founders point out, “there should be no limits on dressing up or down for every occasion and there should be no limits or gender barriers in fashion.”

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Happy International Women’s Day 2024!